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Our Strengths

From initial concept to product delivery and international export, IGM’s food development team will assist you to bring ideas to life, launch products more quickly, and provide you with confidence in the product developed.

Our extensive knowledge of international cuisines (especially of Japan, Vietnam, Korea), food ingredients, and manufacturing control enable us to formulate tasty products with required stability, shelf-life, and flavor.

Message from Director of iGM Vietnam

Thank you for visiting our website!

iGM Vietnam was established in 2016 as a subsidiary of IGM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, IGM) in Tokyo, Japan.

IGM is a pioneer with a track record of more than 30 years as a Japanese company that develops Korean foods following Japanese quality regulations and import to the Japanese market. We brought that DNA to Vietnam and started R&D works in Vietnam from 2011, then incorporated in 2016 with the mission of “Introducing Vietnamese food and food culture to Japan”. One of the reasons to expand our business to Vietnam is from the past experience of Kaoru Umeki, President and CEO of IGM Group, who was stationed in Vietnam with his family for four years in the late 1990s and believed in the prominent development of this country.

Now professional teams of R&D and QC/QA develop a wide range of products from dry groceries to frozen foods cooperating with partner factories and raw materials networks, offering multilanguage customer support in Japanese, English, Vietnamese, and Chinese to meet the needs of various domestic and overseas customers.

In addition, we realized that Vietnam’s culinary demands are becoming more diverse and prosperous therefore, in addition to the previous “Introducing Vietnamese food to Japan”, we added “Introducing Japanese food to Vietnam” as a new mission. To achieve this mission, we established a joint venture “Dashi Lab” in 2018 with a local seasoning manufacturer who has been producing various seasonings for our Japanese customers. We transferred our R&D and quality control technology and know-how to the factory of this joint venture to develop and manufacture various liquid seasonings and started to sell to food manufacturing factories and restaurant chains in Vietnam then, we launched a retail product line up in 2020 aiming to increase the awareness of Japanese cuisine in Vietnam.

Also, from around 2020, from the perspective of “rediscovering the value of Vietnamese food materials,” we have begun to challenge new business segments that go deep into raw materials. During my stay in Vietnam for about 10 years until now, I frequently visited food processing factories, major raw material fields, fishponds, landing ports, etc., interacted with local people, and realized that there are many potential materials that are too common for Vietnamese people to realize the value. This is a perspective from a glimpse of the process of “fusion and diversification of food” in which the value and possibility of Japanese food are expressed by people from various countries in the United States, where I spent about seven years.

Based on these ideas, we are striving to enrich the culinary experience of our customers by brushing up on the functions of IGM Vietnam, which connects Japan, Vietnam, and the world with food and food culture. We are aiming to become a one-stop service for food development in Vietnam and awaiting your inquiries.

Ms. Le Thi Bang Tam

"We are striving to enrich the culinary experience of our customers by brushing up on the functions of IGM Vietnam, which connects Japan, Vietnam, and the world with food and food culture. "

Company Profile

Company NameCông Ty Trách Nhiệm Hữu Hạn IGM Việt Nam
Name in English

IGM Vietnam Company Limited

Business License/Tax code



433,400 USD


100% by IGM Corporation (Japan)

Established Date

November 9, 2015


2nd floor, PLS Building, 39/3 Tran Nhat Duat Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Board of Directors

President, Kaoru Umeki

Director, Le Thi Bang Tam

Accounting Period

Once a year, December

Number of Employees


Main Banks

Vietcombank HCM, Mizuho Bank HCM

Business Domain
  1. R&D in Vietnam (Food, Non-food)
  2. Export (Japan, US, others)
  3. Import (Food, Non-food)
  4. Sales in Vietnam domestic market

Business Domain



  1. Grocery category: Seasonings, Condiments, Dry grocery dishes, Preferential Food and Beverages .
  2. Frozen food category: using Seafood, Fruits, Vegetables.
  3. Fresh fruits.

Non-food: Sundries, Packages, etc.

Finding Supplier

Finding new “To Be Partner” factories to satisfy customer’s demand.

Import/ Export
  • Export: Export products from Vietnam to Japan and other countries. (Food, Non-Food)
  • Import: Procurement from Japan and other countries. (Food, Non-Food)
Domestic Sales

Selling products and raw materials made in Vietnam and imported from overseas.

Dashi Lab Sales

Selling seasoning products by Dashi Lab which is a joint venture company of IGM group in Vietnam.

New Business Domain

Utilizing IGM group’s resources from “Japan” & “Vietnam” & “Korea” to create new business.

meet the team

Experts of IGM

Professionals with many years of experience in the food trading experience


We have years of experience in food trading and development from Vietnam.

We are a team of professional food R&D experts equipped with international trading function.


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